Your best friend's best time!

At Oh My Woof we aim to be much more than a dog training service. We bring a whole new perspective to dog day care in Sydney. Need someone to take your dog for a walk on the park? What about taking your furry friend for a whole day of adventures?
Look no further!
We are here for you!

Because we are dog lovers!

You might agree with me that happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail.
There is nothing in this world that make us happier than being around our furry friends and watching them being themselves and having fun!

Understanding Your Dog!

When your dog is socializing with other dogs and with new environments, you start to understand them much better!

Passion meets Commitment!

At Oh My Woof, your dog always has our complete focus, so that we can understand their personality and their particular needs.

Our Services

Dog Trips

We know how important is to socialize and do exercise for your dog and that’s why we create this service.
We offer a unique experience for them where they will spend time with dogs that will become in their friends.
These trips will take between two and four hours of full energy that will help us to be part of the dog growth development.

Dog Day Care

This service includes a day in our doghouse where they will have fun with different kind of dogs.
There is a big backyard where they can spend the whole day running or even, they prefer to sleep, there is also a room for their comfort.
We provide and excellent pet care service because we love them as their owners do. They are our kids too. We do and extra service of pick up and drop off.

Dog Boarding

Your dog deserves the best care every single day! 
But it is when you are not around that he needs it the most!
If you are going to be away and needs someone to take care of your pet for the time being, this service is the one for you!
Your loved one can spend a night (or a few nights) with us with all the best care from our team of specialists.

The Real Stars of The Show

At Oh My Woof, your dog is the real star and everything we do at the company is carefully though to cater them!
And yes, we are proud to have the best cast in Sydney!

Our Woof Stars

Every Woof Stars Has a Profile

Do you want to follow your dog’s day with us? 
We have a full profile on each of our Woof Stars!


Stanford Terrier


French Bulldog


Wolf Grey Siberian Husky


Bull Arab


Australian Coolie

Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life, But They Make Our Life Whole

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